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General Information


Members of SIA typically hold a degree in Agricultural Sciences or with active engagement in agriculture profession. In addition to Active Members, the society also has Emeritus, Institutional, and Student Members.

Executive Council

The affairs of the Society are managed by an Executive Council, elected after every two years, consisting of a President, six Vice Presidents (one from each province, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK), Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, five Councilors, and the immediate Past-President.


  • Executive Council is empowered to raise and receive donations and bequests.
  • The Society funds are kept in a scheduled bank, and the bank account is operated jointly by the Treasurer and President/ Secretary
  • Expenditure incurred in the conduct of the Society business is got approved from the Executive Council.
  • The Society’s account is examined by an auditor, appointed by the Executive Council.

Journal of Global Innovations in Agricultural and Social Sciences (JGIASS), published quarterly, is the official technical publication of the Society started in 2013. It is recognized internationally. The Editorial Board of the Journal comprises of an Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, two Associate Editors and seven to ten members representing different disciplines of Agricultural Science. The papers undergo peer review, prior to publication, by Consulting Editors who are specialized in various disciplines of agriculture and social sciences. The Society members are offered free subscription.

Become a Member of SIA

The SIA provides leadership to meet the agricultural challenges of the future. Doing so will require a wide range of expertise and ingenuity. If you share the idea of “promoting the Pakistan’s agriculture”, you are encouraged to become a member of the Society.